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Outback Trekkers Hit the Road Again

The annual RFDS Outback Trek, which is now in its 23rd year runs from June 3rd to June 9th.

Since 1990 this annual car trek has raised over $16 million for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and the 300 participants in 100 vehicles are hoping to raise another $1 million this year.

John Bailey and friend Greg Snowball will be driving their 1971 HG Holden Premier across almost 4000kms of the most rugged and remote terrain in Australia.

“It’s been built to special Trek requirements,” said John which include modifications such as, 5 point harness, roll bars, strengthened chassis, steel bash plates to protect the underside of the vehicle, heavy duty suspension and a 140 litre fuel tank for those long stretches between stops.

“I chose this car because it has everything you need on an Outback Trek – high clearance, sturdy construction and it’s a glutton for punishment.” said John.

To keep up to date with the Trek as it progresses or to make a donation, visit; www.outbackcartrek.com.au or www.flyingdoctor.org.au

You can also keep track of where John is at any time through a GPS application  http://penguin.mtdata.com.au/MTDataDatsWebServerV6/Login.aspx

The User Name is 'baileys' and the Password is 'bash123'

Then you’re in and you should see a map of Australia on the left and a menu on the right. It’s fairly self explanatory. Use Live TAB to see where he is. But if you want to see more data, there are other TABS:

1.       Live TAB. Use this to see where JB is at any time. Just click on “Baileys Bash” box, then on car 328201059 (which is obviously the only car). You will see where JB is. If you double click the ink blob, you’ll see his speed and location.

2.       History TAB. You can see the whole route that JB took during whatever date you enter. Just enter the date, then click on “Add History” box. In all these tabs, you usually need to select the fleet name which is always Baileys Bash, and then the car….which is always 328201059. You can hit replay and watch, but not really a great view.

3.       Street View TAB. Self explanatory. I think this will show goggle earth photo of where he is, but unsure if it works in the outback.

4.       Search TAB. Only used for address searching. No use for this application.

5.       Reports TAB. This one is a real goodie. Click on “Select a report” down arrow. Seect a report in “Driver Reports” The best one is “Trip reports”. Remember to enter the fleet name, then click on the day you want to report for. It will take 20 seconds or so, but will eventually give you a spread sheet that you can download and look at highest speed, average speed, travel time, etc. The other columns wont populate because the Holden doesn’t have rev and temperature sensors installed.

This web site has only been set up fpr JB’s car, so you can’t do anything wrong. Have some fun.