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168 Old Car Movies

Here is something that will keep you going for a couple of months! 168 OLD CAR MOVIES all on one site. Save the site and go back to check it out again and again. Click on the movie camera symbol at the extreme right of each listing and away you go. Have fun!

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450 Cars for 100Million Pounds

This a 'pdf' file

Click here to download


Evolution of Camping

This a PowerPoint presentation

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Woodies You may Never See Again

This a 'pdf' file

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Making Morgans

This a 'pdf' file with a short story and photos from the Morgan Factory.

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An Engine Re-Build - 11 Months and 3000 Pictures

A wonderful little clip of an engine re-build


1932 Duesenberg Model

A miniature functioning replica 1932 Duesenberg  by Louis Chenot 

No, it's not a real full-size Duesenberg, but rather a beautifully constructed 35" long working model made in 1/6 scale. 

Click on the photo below to see the full story

Amazing Models

Some amazing model cars made from cans

Click on the photo below to see the full story

Truck Art

This a 'pdf' file with some magnificent examples of artwork on trucks in Germany.

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