Heritage revs up motor club....

Classic vintage: Western District Historic Vehicle Club’s Norm Lehmann and Ray Van Galen promote next weekend’s swap meet.

YOU DON'T have to own a heritage car to be a member of Western District Historic Vehicle Club – but it helps.

According to the club’s newsletter editor, Neil Remeeus, non-vehicular members often acquire a set of wheels along the way.

That’s because all the club’s 270 members are passionate about older cars – after all, their motto is ‘Enthusiasm, for enthusiasm’s sake’.

“People may join because they used to own an historic vehicle or are looking to buy one,” Neil said.

“Usually there’s someone who puts a car up for sale. It’s a way of giving new life to older vehicles time and again.”

Neil was at a loss to explain the mystique and attraction of historic and older vehicles.

“You’ve either got oil in your blood or you don’t,” he surmised.

“You’ve got to have an automotive interest to start with.

“But I do know that once you start you don’t seem to be able to stop.”

Neil said some members fully restored their cars while others were completely original.

“Most of the marques owned by members are Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge but there’s a wide variety of cars,” he said.

“I can’t even fit all the logos on the front page of the newsletter.”

Neil emphasised that Western District Historic Vehicle Club was not a car club but a vehicle club catering for historic and special interest vehicles of all types and ages.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have four wheels.”

The club adds colour and interest to events like local town festivals and fairs and major City of Geelong events such as Festival of Sails and Gala Day.

The club has regular weekend runs and rallies as well as visits to aged care facilities.

“Whenever we turn up at somewhere like the McKellar Centre there’s always lots of reminiscing with the older residents,” Neil chuckled.

The club’s home is Geelong Showgrounds in an area set aside for a display of restored vehicle-related artefacts.

The club’s major event is its Bay City Swap at the showgrounds from 7am on May 12. Entry costs $5.

The meet offers a variety of stalls catering for all interests, especially vehicle related.

Neil said more information was available on the club’s website at wdhvcgeelong.com.au


As printed in the Geelong Independent May 4th 2012

Story John Van Klaveren